What We Do


Who is the sudden caregiver?


adjective  sud·den   \ ˈsə-dᵊn \

a : happening or coming unexpectedly  

b : changing character all at once

This online community is for anyone who finds themselves “suddenly” taking on the role of caregiver. The sudden caregiver must unexpectedly add the role of caregiving to an already full life, usually in the wake of a loved one's tough
medical diagnosis.


Find your smile.

My focus is to help sudden caregivers navigate their journeys with grace and resilience. To do this, we draw upon the lived experiences of caregivers along with my foundation in the strategies of Positive Psychology. I hope this becomes your go-to place to gather information, give and get support, and, yes, to find your smile.

caregiving, cancer, Alzheimer, healthcare

I promised you a roadmap.

When I first became a sudden caregiver - immersed in chaos and reeling from the added responsibilities of this new caregiver role - I felt keenly the absence of any guidance. I sought, and could not find, a roadmap, a tool, a way to predict what might happen next so that I could be ready for it. So I created a roadmap for sudden caregiving. I promise to guide you every step of your journey.

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